How to make: Biodiesel from cooking oil

While some small businesses may use the drop-off site, many are already recycling used cooking oil.

Kennewick city Councilman Don Britain said Kennewick is the first of the Tri-Cities to offer such a program. He said the program provides a chance for Kennewick to be a leader in caring for the environment.

Espinoza said the city is seeing positive results from the city’s efforts to work with and educate the business community about pretreatment requirements. There have been about 25 percent less fats, oils and greases in lift stations near businesses.

Many companies already collects used cooking oil from restaurants. The oil is filtered and reused, such as in bird or cattle feed.

Baggerly said she isn’t sure what to expect. The first couple months will be telling, and the timing is good since there is a lot of deep frying around Christmas.

“We don’t want it going in the garbage and we don’t want it going in the drain,” Baggerly said.

Waste Management is hoping the program reduces the clean up employees currently have to do when used cooking oil is disposed of in the garbage, said Jeff Wheatley, Waste Management of Kennewick’s district manager.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” he said.

How it works:

  1. Organize safe places to collect waste oil.
  2. Once a week move it to your plant
  3. Recycle waste cooking oil to BioDiesel with our equipment:
  4. Sell Biodiesel to local farmers or enterprises or use it in your own tractors.

Great idea!
So You solved two items:
1. keep world green utilizing people’s waste oil.
2. if you’ll use equipment like we manufacture, you can produce Biodiesel of it. the common question is where to take waste oil in necessary quantity but you’ve been solved it in p.1

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