Biodiesel dispersion replaces diesel fuel


Is that possible to find substitution to traditional diesel fuel? Until recently these question were asked by ecologists and diesel cars owners who are taking hard time in periodic rises in price of fuel. With the event of the biodiesel development the situation cleared up. It became clear to all that cheap, qualitative and environmentally friendly biodiesel was born and started winning surely positions in the world market.

The biodiesel is the name for some number of fuel air received of vegetable oils and animal fats. Its dispersion which is made from different oils, have some differences. For example, fuel which receives from rape oil has the biggest caloric content, but also the highest temperature of filterability and freezing.

Dispersion of biol fuel prepared from rape concedes palm oil by caloric content, but has more stability to cold; it means that is better for cold climate. It is not toxical type of fuel used for replacement of usual diesel. The direct advantages of biodiesel dispersion using in the form of 20% for a mix with usual diesel, include: increase in cetane number and greasing ability that prolongs engine life; considerable decrease in harmful emissions (including CO, CO2, SO2, small particles and flying organic compounds); contribution to cleaning of injectors, fuel pumps and fuel supply lines. These advantages are easily available and don’t demand costs of engine modification or change in infrastructures. Besides, addition of the catalyst can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides that give B20 flexibility concerning observance of atmospheric air requirements. At last, the biodiesel gives the chance to owners and the managing directors of vehicle fleets using diesel fuel (including a rolling stock and the cars excluded from it, and also the sea vessels equipped with diesel engines) to observe with little effort requirements to purity of air, without spending considerable means as in a case with other alternative types of fuel.

By the GlobeCore Company was developed and put on a mass production a number of Biodiesel blending systems of fuels mixing and biodiesel cavitational reactors. Blending systems could be in stationary and mobile execution (the mobile can be mounted on trailers and semi-trailers, vans and railway platforms and as any other mobile means. Production of equipment is coordinated with the customer and generally made under individual requirements of the customer depending on demanded compounding and receiving the final product.

GlobeCore Blending

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, “USB” cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back or download inquiry list and receive free catalog.



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