Safe environment using biodiesel blend


The biodiesel blend is more environmentally friendly, than standard types of fuel which has a crude oil base. It only radiates the carbon dioxide necessary for growth of plants. It doesn’t contain sulfur and other unfriendly contaminates. It has better burning process, because there is more mass of oxygen and it is biological product which quickly decays therefore doesn’t threaten environment with ecological danger in case of leak.

Different organic oils can be raw materials for biodiesel producing such as: sunflower, rape, soy, palm, coconut, corn, mustard. Esterification is called conversion of molecules of oil to the molecules similar to diesel hydrocarbons – expensive process which does the price of the biodiesel higher, than mineral diesel fuel.One of striking examples is the biodiesel. Diesel engines allowing favorable changeover to mineral oil product. Sunflower oil of which the biodiesel is made, subject to processing by metaknol in a compound with the catalytic agent, finally receive about 90% of diesel biofuel. Blending system brings oil to a trade quality which responds to all international standards. This fuel could be  possible use as independently, and as an additive to diesel fuel.

Biodiesel use is an important reason for increase in supplying of diesel fuel. As renewable types of fuel it has a potential to decrease level of greenhouse gases bursts. The correct blend also can help to provide lower level of bursts of normal contaminants.The key to achievement of low bursts consists in production of raw materials of high quality, and also mixing and implementation of ready fuel. Essential operation and optimization of mixing systems in a flow is carried out by process engineers of the GLOBECORE company by whom it is developed and delivered on a mass production a number of mixing installations under the name “USB”. Compounding systems are issued in several types as stationary and mobile execution (the mobile can be mounted on trailers and semi-trailers, vans and railway platforms and as any other mobile means). Customer wishes and requirements are considered in case of manufacture depending on necessary compounding and a type of the final product.

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, “USB” cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back or download inquiry list and receive free catalog.




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