New rules in the new century: benefits of the biodiesel blending systems

Responsibility, especially before the environment, is the hallmark of the modern human. Scandals around large corporations related to air pollution, dumping of hazardous waste, poisoning of water, caused increasing attention to environmental protection, especially to alternative energy and alternative fuel sources. As for the latter, studies show that the cost of production is entirely covered by productivity.

Due to certain advantages, modern power plants use biodiesel fuel instead of regular diesel. This is a relatively new kind of fuel, obtained by transesterification of vegetable oil or natural fats with methanol, and it can extent engine service life by as much as 60%.

Biodiesel can be used as internal combustion engine fuel either directly, or blended with regular diesel. In the US, such blended fuel is coded by the letter B followed by the number, showing the ratio of the components.

Biodiesel fuel can be produced from various oils or fats. Fuels produced from different feedstock will have slight variations in energy value, cloud point and stability to heat. Using blended fuel is more advantageous.

The cetane number, which is indicative of the fuel’s combustibility and combustion stability is 51 for biodiesel, and only 45 in regular diesel. This difference influences engine efficiency, which is higher with biodiesel. Minimum flashpoint of biodiesel is above 120 – 150oC, while the same parameter of regular diesel is less than 50 – 60oC. Higher heat value of natural oils ensures additional lubrication of the engine’s internal components and also significantly reduces the amount of harmful emissions of CO, CO2, SO2, soot and volatile organic compounds.

One of the chief advantages is that engines do not need to be modified. No change is required in vehicle operation or fuel infrastructure. Responsible people will appreciate the importance of lowering nitrogen oxide emissions without extra costs and degradation of production.

GlobeCore product line includes a large selection of blending systems for various liquids. The main idea is to improve dispersion and emulsification, while creating a uniform structure of seemingly incompatible liquids and suspensions, which ultimately form stable blends with long storage life. The company has accumulated vast experience in development, production, installation and commissioning of hydrodynamic blending systems for terminals and tank farms in petrochemical and chemical facilities, manufacturing and ship-building companies and vehicle fleets all over the world.

An individual approach is developed for each order, including selection of stationary or mobile blending system, processing the order and assistance of consultants and engineers. GlobeCore makes blending systems of various types for companies in 70 countries. Summer, winter and arctic biodiesel fuel, as well as high octane biodiesel blends for Euro-4 and Euro-5 for increased engine stability and additional purification, allow operation of equipment in various conditions and temperatures.

To sum it up: forget trend and policy influence on environmental protection tendencies. Biodiesel fuel is a way to decrease environmental effects without additional expenses, but increasing engine efficiency and extending engine service life.

GlobeCore provides advisory, individual approach and large experience in working with clients world wide. If the world considers biodiesel fuel a way to increase profits, it’s time to place the order.

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